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Achieve your sustainability goals

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At Trove, we can and must do what it takes to improve sustainable retail efforts and improve life on this planet.

Our sustainability philosophy is simple. We believe trade-in and branded resale programs are the most powerful way to meaningfully reduce carbon emissions for the fashion and apparel industries.

That’s why we find win-win resale solutions that help brands grow their businesses and meet their sustainable goals.

To be good stewards of our planet, we also need to be good stewards of the garments we wear and use.

Reap the rewards of resale

By extending the life of high-quality products and bringing them back into the marketplace, circular shopping ensures that we do not waste the resources that we used to produce each item. With Trove’s Recommerce Operating System, our partners reap the rewards of resale. By managing their own channels, our partners accelerate their long-term revenue, increase customer loyalty, gain new customers, and boost storefront and website traffic.

Trove helps brands design, build, and execute their branded resale programs, and as a result, our brands are driving change and becoming champions of the circular economy.

Trove’s Recommerce Operating System solution helps:

  • icon-circularityKeep high-quality, durable items in circularity.
  • icon-stopStop usable items from entering landfill.
  • Trove Recommerce Revenue IconIncrease revenue without increasing carbon emissions.
  • Trove Recommerce Analytics IconDeliver credible and robust analytics to measure and share impact with customers.

Transform unsellable
trade-in items

Not every item that is traded in is eligible for resale. Yet, there are still ways to keep it out of landfills. We have a network of Next Best Use vendors to support these unsellable and ineligible items through various means:



We partner with brands to bring a second life to unsellable items by transforming them into new products that are sellable, such as ReCrafted by Patagonia and ReSewn by Eileen Fisher.



We provide brands with our network of vendors to downcycle unsellable items for other uses such as insulation or remake them into raw materials for new products.



In partnership with brands, we identify donation organizations that meet the needs of each brand’s missions and manage the logistics of sending unwanted items out to the selected organizations.


Sell Off

Trove works with brands to send off unsold to 3rd party liquidators to recoup costs.

Calculate emission savings of pre-loved items

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Pre-loved items have already been produced – raw materials were extracted, water used, greenhouse gases were emitted – the carbon footprint was already “spent.” While we can’t undo the manufacturing of that item, we can choose to make sure those resources aren’t wasted. When brands and retailers choose to build branded resale programs they are asserting their values and making a commitment to extend the useful life of items and increase resource utilization.

We developed the Trove Reuse Impact Calculation to help determine the average carbon emission savings of buying a pre-loved item instead of a new item.



The calculation went through several rounds of review by brand partners (REI, Arc’teryx, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and lululemon) and by third-party organizations (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Fashion for Good, NYU Stern School of Business, Duke Energy, WRI, WRAP).

Check out the Trove Reuse Impact Calculator on our partner’s site, Eileen Fisher.

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