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“Working with Trove will allow Filson customers to continue that tradition by creating a branded resale program for these products to live on for another lifetime. There is a strong, loyal fanbase that seeks out well-worn and well-loved Filson products. Our partnership with Trove will give them the opportunity to discover even more.”

Neil Morgan, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at Filson

Cotopaxi white space

“With Más Vida, we aim to reshape the way business is done, demonstrating that profitability and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Together, we can create a world where resources are valued, inequalities are reduced, waste is minimized, and human sustainability is assured for future generations.”

Damien Huang, Cotopaxi CEO



“‘Carhartt Reworked’ is an extension of our commitment to deliver the durability and reliability that hardworking people know and love, while reducing our environmental footprint. With the help of Trove’s expertise in circular business and recommerce, we’re able to keep Carhartt products in use longer, out of landfills and in the hands of people who need it.”

Gretchen R. Valade, Director of Sustainability at Carhartt

Canada goose_1

Canada Goose

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“Canada Goose Generations is our purpose in action – a tangible and meaningful way to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. We build products that last a lifetime and each one has a story to tell. Generations extends their collective tale while minimizing their environmental impact.”

Carrie Baker, President of Canada Goose


“I’m incredibly excited to share the news of Brooks’ new re-commerce program in partnership with Trove.Through ReStart, we can create new pathways into the brand, and reach a growing community of conscientious consumers.”

Melanie Allen, CMO at Brooks


“With the launch of Onward, we are giving our customers more access to groundbreaking products, while giving our products an extended lifespan at the same standard of quality. Reducing environmental impact is one of our biggest priorities at On. Exploring innovative partnerships with companies like Trove is a key step in becoming a more circular company by the end of the decade.”

Caspar Coppetti, Co-Founder 


Allbirds ReRun

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“By launching our trade-in program, ReRun, we will enable our customers to play an integral role in extending the life of our shoes. We always seek partners who share our commitment to sustainability, and we’re thrilled to work with Trove on our first recommerce initiative.”

Hana Kajimura, Head of Sustainability at Allbirds


Arc’teryx Used Gear

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“Acknowledging that greenhouse gas emissions are released when we make and move products around the world, our Used Gear program helps to reduce their environmental impact per wear by keeping each one in use for as long as possible through multiple owners.”

Katie Wilson, Senior Manager Social & Environmental Sustainability

Eileen Fisher_1

Eileen Fisher Renew

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“If reducing is the goal, it seems that recycling or upcycling—like you do with the Renew program of taking back old garments and remaking them into new ones—would be the way to not only close the loop of a product’s life cycle but to continue to produce items without introducing virgin material or having to cut jobs.”

Eileen Fisher


Levi’s SecondHand

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Wearing what you already own is the most sustainable thing you can do, but when you do buy, buy better.



lululemon Like New

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“Bringing Lululemon Like New to all U.S. guests is a major step toward a circular eco-system and achieving our Impact Agenda goals to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Celeste Burgoyne, President of Global Guest Innovation


“To hit the outdoor industry’s 2030 climate goals, we have to find new ways of doing business. With this recommerce pilot, we’re one step closer to a truly circular economy.”

Cam Brensinger, Founder & CEO


Patagonia Worn Wear

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“As individuals, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use longer and reduce our overall consumption in the process.”



REI Re/Supply

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“By investing in our circular commerce businesses, we help reduce waste and increase efficiency in how we use our planet’s resources while lowering the price barrier to getting outside for our members.”


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