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Working together for change.

While we are dedicated to keeping items in use longer and out of landfills for our brand partners, at Trove, we are forging new ground in defining how to help brands create more inclusive, less wasteful business models that grow their brand without growing their carbon emissions.

Our people want to do great things and make everyday fun, challenging, and fulfilling, while always valuing a healthy work-life balance.

A few benefits we offer.

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off
  • Learning Fund
  • Generous Equity/Stock Options
  • 401k Plan
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits
  • Flexible Remote Workplace


“Trove has given me the opportunity to be the best version of myself. The leaders support me in building my team, and the culture is one that encourages everyone to be themselves. The people and Trove’s vision are what keep me here.”

Jamall J,

“I get to learn every day, solve complex problems, work with talented and kind co-workers, and be part of moving an industry into a sustainable future – what’s not to love?”

Barb W,

“I chose Trove primarily because of the environmental mission. I spent the past year+ of my career helping businesses with an environmental focus on their business mission, and  I find this work so much more satisfying. Another aspect was the quality of the people that I met in the interviews. The interview process itself was really welcoming and I knew I would enjoy working with the people that I met.”

Jason V.,

“I love the ability to develop a work ethic, see an individual’s growth potential, and lead by example. Trove helps foster this environment. It is impressive to see so many people grow and develop here at Trove, all while Trove is having impressive growth. Helping people reach the next step in their careers is why I stay here.”

Richard S.,

“Trove is one of the best companies I have worked for. Trove is great at making its employees feel supported and heard, all while facilitating a good work-life balance. The culture is inclusive and diverse. Trove is also very good at promoting internally – it is dedicated to employee growth.” 

Kash F,
Customer Support Supervisor

“Trove creates a collaborative and fun environment and has provided wonderful tools to keep us connected. I feel very supported and connected as an employee here. Trove has shown me that it is possible to work for a company where you are excited about what you are delivering while working in an environment that suits your needs.”

Jingna L,
Full Stack Software Engineer

“I’ve experienced so much personal and professional growth all while watching Trove grow tremendously. I’ve also been provided with an amazing mentor who has played a huge role in my success here. The work is consistently challenging and interesting. Beyond that, my personal values align with the company’s mission and I want to make an impact with Trove.”

Sergio H.,

“What I love about working at Trove is the combination of interesting work and friendly colleagues. I’ve had the opportunity to learn new programming languages, tools, and libraries. The team is composed of smart, funny, and talented people. I am grateful that I get to collaborate with these people every day to produce deliverables that help keep textiles out of landfills.”

Elsie Y,

“Trove nurtures a kind and collaborative culture where incredibly talented teams are doing the pioneering work behind fashion circularity. Being trusted by brands like Allbirds or lululemon, and creating a more sustainable business model with them, is extremely fulfilling.”

Meriem H,
Senior Onboarding Manager