The elements of sustainable, profitable branded resale.

Your pre-loved items are always in high demand. Trove provides the trade-in and operations technology needed to generate a reliable supply to sell at scale on your own dedicated site that integrates with existing channels.


In-store, online, and warehouse trade-in apps.


2K+ brands and 100M single-SKUs in operation.


White-labeled branded resale that’s true to your brand.

Powering resale with trade-in and return merchandise.

Lululemon Brand Logo

Let Trove increase your resale inventory supply, create occasions to revisit your stores and site, and strengthen lifetime customer value.

A variety of ways to manage trade-ins.

Trove offers the trade-in technology needed to identify, accept, route, and issue credit for any pre-worn item, no matter how worn or old. The Trove app can be used on mobile devices by associates in-store or in a warehouse for trade-ins made online.

  • Quickly identify trade-in items and issue credit in a single, convenient in-store transaction.

  • Send in-store and digital trade-ins to Trove for easy processing.

  • Use the Trove app for grading and reselling returns to keep customers in your own ecosystem.

Managing reverse logistics with Trove ID.



Each item’s condition and source are captured to create a unique ID that enables you to grow a resale program to any scale.

Our condition grading system is customized to meet your brand’s standards for acceptable items and descriptions for resale.

Authenticity is verified using a brand’s identifiers alongside AI-assisted inspection.



Trove ingests years of historical catalog data for accurate listings and applies machine learning algorithms for dynamic pricing to ensure profitability from day one.

Our use of computer vision helps to cluster otherwise unidentifiable items into groups that make shopping easier, improve sales, and increase overall GMV.



The Trove ID easily connects with your existing WMS, allowing resale channels to be managed in Trove facilities or in a brand’s own warehouse.

Trove supports a broad scope of branded customer touchpoints, from custom packaging, mailers, and inserts to heat stamp tags.

Your branded resale channel, with Trove as a partner.

Brands should own their customer’s experience and the business insights that result from resale. Our composable branded storefronts integrate with existing channels and provide for true-to-brand photography, item listings, and trade-in credit along a seamless customer journey.

  • Recommerce Insights

    Trove delivers item and customer insights such as inventory health, item engagement, site behavior, and overall program performance.

  • Easy integration

    Trove connects with your membership program or gift card provider to create real-time moments of loyalty.

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