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A distinctly human approach to AI.

Relationships are made up of a series of interactions. These communications happen anywhere and everywhere, but, unsurprisingly, a lot of them take place online — specifically, via email. Yes folks, email is still going strong as the number 1 form of online communication.

Everyone who sends email is, in reality, leaving a wake of valuable data behind — data they don't often think about and almost certainly don't use to its maximum potential. At Trove, we believe everyone should be able to put that data to work.

Our Story

Our story begins in 2013, when three data-security-experts-turned-entrepreneurs began challenging people to think differently about digital communication. Over time, having worked at and with many different tech companies over several decades, they observed the volume of data people generate, just by living their daily lives. It's a lot. Shouldn't the owners of that data, the people who produced it, be able to use it?

For Trove, the answer is a resounding "yes." If you think about it, your email history is a microcosm of your life. It represents people you know, things you've done, progress you've made. That data is undeniably valuable, but there's no way the human mind can process it. Only technology can do that — our technology, that is. Trove engineers have pioneered an insanely accurate AI that can find patterns in your data — complex patterns you'd never be able to spot on your own. It can quantify the relationships you've formed, reconnect you with long-forgotten acquaintances, help you understand your relationship history, and more.

Yes, our AI can gather and process a lot of data. But with great power comes great responsibility. At Trove, we firmly believe that your data should always be your data — never sold, never kept without your knowledge. That's why we've gone above and beyond to protect your privacy.

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Starting Up

We're proud to be backed by powerhouse investors who bring enterprise-level experience at LinkedIn, Barracuda, Apple, and more to our team. Our partners truly believe in what we're doing at Trove, and we think it's safe to say we've got guidance and wisdom from the best of the best.

Backing it Up

University of Michigan block 'M'

We're not the only ones who have realized the monumental importance of AI-based data processing. Because we're based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the home of the University of Michigan, we're in close proximity to some of the brightest minds in the computer science field. We partner with the university to pioneer new ways in which to use communications to better our everyday lives. It improves our Machine Learning algorithms and helps us achieve the data accuracy we're so proud of.

It's surreal that we get to work with one of the world's top universities to improve the science behind our products. Somebody pinch us.

Ok, now it's your turn.

It's probably obvious by now — we're pretty geeked out over how unique and powerful our technology is. But don't take our word for it. Give Trove a try for free.

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