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Branded Resale Sites

Create an on-brand, dedicated resale experience that grows revenue, attracts new customers, and increases the LTV of existing customers.

  • Grow Revenue

    Sell returned inventory and customer trade-ins within one fully branded, catalog-powered experience that spans the entire customer journey.

  • Attract New Customers & Boost LTV

    Trove’s high-converting components and inventory feeds surface the best of your assortment, and our dynamic pricing algorithm drives sell-through without sacrificing profitability.

  • Strengthen Your Brand Story

    Storytell across the resale journey with dynamic, discovery-oriented components that emphasize your brand narrative.

  • Launch Quickly & Efficiently

    Accelerate to market – go from kickoff to liftoff in less than the span of a single quarter. Trove’s team leads the site build, integrating your brand elements and your inventory data.

Ecommerce Solutions
  • Configurable Ecommerce Sites

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • True-to-Brand Transactional Emails

  • Catalog Data Augmentation & Integration

  • CS/CX Support & Integration

Digital & Store Trade-In Experiences

Engage and activate customers in-store and online with instantly shoppable gift cards.

  • Drive Traffic

    Boost foot traffic and drive instant spending with Trove’s in-store trade-in solution. Drive online sales and engagement with a digital trade-in program.

  • Create Marketing with Immediate Payback

    Customers who use trade-in programs generate more margin in their first visit than the cost of the gift card. This creates a rarity – a marketing channel with immediate payback.

  • Optimize Your Supply

    Drive high conversion and front-load seasonal inventory with targeted trade-in emails that leverage catalog data and customer purchase histories.

  • Increase Profitability

    Trove’s real-time decisioning engine powers item pricing, gift card payout, and logistics configurations to manage the volume and profitability of the program.

Trade-In Solutions
  • Mail-In Trade-In

  • Reporting on Profitability & LTV Uplift

  • Store Trade-In

  • True-to-Brand Transactional Emails

  • Start Online, Drop Off In-Store

  • CS/CX Support & Integration

By the Numbers
50-65 percent

The typical percentage of Trove resale shoppers who are new-to-brand.

700+ stores

The number of store locations across North America where Trove’s point-of-sale software is live.

71 percent

The share of resale traffic driven by Trove among the top three resale providers.

Integrated Used + New Experiences

Sell used and new items together on your current ecommerce site.

  • Add Resale to Your Current Product Pages

    Fill out-of-stock SKU gaps by featuring compelling used options on your Product Detail Pages and elsewhere. Surface compelling used options for out-of-stock sizes or colors to ensure every customer journey leads to shoppable inventory.

  • Rapidly Configure and Launch

    Quickly and easily introduce used items to your current ecommerce site. Trove’s widget-based solution can be deployed on almost any PDP.

  • Own the Entire Customer Journey

    For brands looking to own the entire customer journey, Trove’s inventory and checkout APIs deliver a fully headless recommerce experience, unlocking fully customized site components and shared checkout (used and new together).

  • Leverage Resale to Grow Full-Price

    Integrate resale items into search and filter results. Leverage resale items to drive SEM, SEO, social media, email, and affiliate traffic to your full-price site.

Integration Solutions
  • Resale Widget

  • Checkout API

  • Resale Catalog API

Supplemental Selling Channels

Drive program impact by selling on your own site and 3rd-party marketplaces.

  • Boost Your Program Economics

    Optimize your resale program by selling your core assortment on owned channels (digital or in-store), then selling secondary inventory on marketplaces. Every item is automatically routed to its highest-impact selling channel.

  • Keep Maximum Items in Use

    Maximize your sellable assortment by intelligently distributing SKUs and condition levels across each unique selling channel, each with their own audience.

  • Use Data to Steer and Grow

    Maintain full view of your inventory flows across all channels and adjust your routing in real time. Steer around supply and demand fluctuations due to seasonality, promotions, and other factors.

Selling-Channel Solutions
  • Marketplace Selling Integration

  • Keep-in-Store/Sell-in-Store

  • Algorithm-Directed Channel Routing

  • Configurable Routing Engine

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