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Value-Added Returns Processing

Maximize the financial yield from returns by routing and grading items as they arrive.

  • Rapidly Identify Items

    Deliver seamless resale experiences powered by your own SKUs, product information, and naming conventions. Easily fill gaps in your historical catalog with Trove’s tools for augmenting catalog data and item attributes.

  • Efficiently Sort & List

    Trove Recommerce WMS guides associates through returns processing, automatically sorting items into value tiers. Resale items (typically 10-20% of returns) can be graded, priced, and sold immediately – maximizing margin and lowering operating costs.

  • Condition-Grade at Scale

    Trove’s algorithm-guided, rule-based approach ensures that item condition is evaluated quickly and objectively. List every item with consistent attributes that meet customer expectations.

  • Optimize Every SKU

    Resale items are given a unique SKU that captures their quality grade and their specific product description attributes. This unique SKU is then used online and in-store to merchandise, price, and deliver a great customer experience.

ReWMS Modules & Capabilities
  • Item Identification Module

  • Item Inspection Module

  • Inbound Shipments Module

  • Inventory Management & Data Integration

Pricing & Catalog Intelligence

Generate a dynamic, resale-ready catalog and drive sell-through with Trove’s active pricing models.

  • Price for Impact

    Boost ASP with real-time demand metrics and ML-powered active pricing models. Trove Recommerce WMS gives you the power to drive sell-through without compromising profitability.

  • Optimize Your Listings

    With Trove’s configurable, rule-based approach, you can merchandise your entire assortment or focus your operations on the highest-performing item categories and SKUs.

  • Maximize Your Sellable Assortment

    Easily fill gaps in your historical catalog – and unlock the maximum number of items for resale – with Trove’s tools for augmenting catalog data and item attributes, including computer vision-assisted item identification.

ReWMS Modules & Capabilities
  • Active & Strategic Pricing Models

  • Catalog Augmentation

  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting

Automated Channel Routing

Efficiently route every item to its optimal selling channel.

  • Optimize Your Selling-Channel Mix

    Recapture the highest value from returns and trade-ins by automatically routing inventory both to owned and 3rd-party selling channels. Route every sellable item to its highest economic outcome.

  • Automate Your Workflows

    Minimize touches and workforce costs with objective, rule-based inventory workflows that minimize human error and ensure the highest margin for every item.

  • Boost Performance in Real-Time

    Tune your disposition logic based on real-time changes in demand, supply dynamics, seasonality, staffing, and more. Create rules based on business goals – sell-through, margin, more – and ensure your team is always prioritizing the highest-impact inventory.

Recommerce WMS Modules & Capabilities
  • Item Routing Module

  • Configurable Rules Engine

Commerce Integrations for Scale

Quickly and easily integrate with your existing ecommerce, WMS, and ERP systems.

  • Keep Your Existing Infrastructure

    Keep the best of your current operations tech stack – Trove Recommerce WMS integrates with all major returns/logistics providers, WMS, and ERP systems.

  • Connect to Your Current Site

    Trove ReWMS powers the resale APIs that enable you to bring used inventory into your current ecommerce experience. Unlock seamless circular shopping on any site.

  • Deliver Confidently at Scale

    Trove’s software powers the world’s largest brand resale programs. With tens of thousands of items processed weekly – and more than 10 million items processed to date, ReWMS is adaptable to any assortment type or program scale.

  • ERP Integrations

  • WMS Integrations

  • Resale APIs & Ecommerce Integrations

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