The Brand Resale Index:
Defining the Resale Experience

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The Brand Resale Index

The Brand resale index is the first benchmark specific for brands to measure the industry’s progress in the $100B global resale market. The Index is agnostic of resale platform providers and evaluates leading practice adoption across 40 brands in four industry verticals: Fashion/Apparel, Outdoor, Footwear, and Luxury. Conducted in partnership with OSF Digital, brands were assessed on 147 criteria across brand positioning, commerce, and trade-in experiences, with a general consideration of how the resale business model potentially contributes to environmental sustainability benefits.

Key Findings:

Out of 40+ brands across industries, several leaders emerged in the Resale Brand Leaderboard (by industry vertical):

  • Overall: REI
  • Outdoor: Arc’teryx
  • Fashion/Apparel: Amour Vert
  • Footwear: On
  • Luxury: Phillip Lim

Luxury brands have a wide open landscape of opportunities as fabled luxury goods are the backbone of every luxury brand, yet secondary markets are attempting to tell their product stories. In contrast, the Outdoor brands emerged as the most mature in the index, whereas Fashion/Apparel and Footwear have grown the most over the past year.

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