How it Works

Trove’s Recommerce Operating System unlocks pricing and merchandising for millions of unique items with insights to optimize every part of the circular journey.



Identify, value, and pay for items in store and online.


Reverse Logistics

Assess condition and maximize resale value.



Create an intuitive resale storefront experience.



Integrate channels and leverage resale data.



Trove provides an integrated shopping experience by leveraging the best of each channel to generate a supply of pre-worn items for branded resale.

In-Store Trade-In

Branded trade-in apps help to generate a supply of sellable pre-worn items. Trove powers trade-in for over 700 stores nationwide.

Digital Trade-In

Customers can supply details of trade-in items, add them to cart, and ship them for processing with gift card integration to be rewarded with credit.

Create moments of loyalty

Drive Revenue

Trade-in sees a 50%+ lift on gift cards issued. 31% are redeemed within the same day.

Acquire New Customers

50-65% of resale customers are new to the brand.

Integrate Quickly

Trove integrates with existing programs to send credit to customers’ inboxes.

Increase Cart Size

Second-hand shoppers’ cart sizes average 2X the size of primary purchasers.



Trove technology intelligently routes, identifies, prices, and lists items using computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Single-SKU Trove ID

Each item’s condition, authenticity and source are captured to create a unique ID that enables resale program growth at any scale.

A Modular Service Offering

With over 100M unique IDs in operation, Trove connects with existing systems, allowing resale to be managed in Trove facilities or within a brand’s warehouse.


Computer Vision Placement

Trove applies computer vision to make unidentifiable items easier and faster to classify.

AI-led Authentication

Trove employs AI to evaluate check-in images capture against millions of records in an extensive database.

Dynamic Pricing

Trove helps to predict demand based items characteristics and finds the price that will maximize gross merchandise volume over time.



Resale powered by Trove provides true to brand photography and descriptions, and integrates with mainline business and promotions.

Pre-Owned Product Descriptions

Trove offers helps to discover information about pre-worn items by displaying specific images and condition details, allowing customers to make an informed purchase decision.

Recommerce That Performs Like e-Commerce

Trove offers an integrated storefront with theme builders to create editorial pages with timely content and digital marketing integration.

Gain agility with real-time data insight


Program Health

Monitor inventory health, item engagement, site behavior, and overall program performance where resale prices are already integrated on 10 million items.

CRM Integration

Access a direct data feed with regular customer lifecycle visibility into the secondary market.


Use recommerce insights to bring them back to the site, merchandise what is most likely to sell.

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Resale is Essential to Meeting Carbon Goals

Strong brands expect continued growth, and effective resale programs provide growth without increasing carbon emissions. Trove enables profitable revenue streams from existing items, where trade-in and resale create the most effective means of meeting a brand’s sustainability goals.

Reuse Calculation

Trove provides brands with sustainability metrics at the item level, allowing brands to confidently share benefits with end customers and include resale as a meaningful part of sustainability goals.

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