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Recommerce Operating System

Build a Profitable Branded Resale Program

Trove's Recommerce Operating System has extended the life of over 100 million items, supporting sustainability goals and maximizing profits for beloved brands.

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Innovation by design award Winner 2023
In-Store & Online Trade-in

Drive Customer Acquisition & Loyalty with Trade-In

Boost website and store foot traffic through in-store and online trade-in services. Trove's brand partners observe 50-65% of their resale customers are new to their brand.

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Resale Operations + Logistics

Manage Resale Logistics with Ease

Trove's Recommerce Operating System manages reverse logistics by efficiently matching items with catalog details, evaluating conditions, and establishing ideal resale prices in minutes.

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Branded Resale Site

Integrated Resale Experience

Partnering with Trove enables you to establish a cohesive branded resale journey. Trove's Recommerce OS manages everything from photography and product descriptions to authentication and condition grading all within your brand's standards.

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Data & Analytics

Drive Resale Growth with Data-Driven Insights & Analytics

With Trove's Recommerce OS, you can access data-driven insights to refine your brand's resale strategy, fostering sustainability, enhancing customer loyalty, and driving scalable revenue growth.

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Brand Experience

Maximize Brand Engagement Throughout the Customer Journey

Trove supports a broad scope of branded customer touchpoints, including custom packaging, mailers, inserts, and personalized heat stamp tags.

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Trove’s Recommerce OS

all-in-one solution


Unique items merchandised


Trade-in stores powered by trove


10 years powering profitable circularity

Let’s Talk Resale Podcast

Don’t just take our word for it

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The Birth & Evolution of Patagonia’s Resale Program: Worn Wear

“It changed the way we looked at our online presence.”

Co-creator of Worn Wear
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