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It's like GPS for exchanging introductions.

You make connections for people all the time. It usually involves wasting time on social media and sending a bunch of emails. What if you could simply see the best route to an introduction, tap a few buttons, and voila! Bob just met Fred. Good news — that’s exactly what Trove is for. Here’s how it works:

Your network looks something like this. Tangled, disjointed, and frankly kind of scary.

You sign up for Trove using your email address. Our smart technology untangles your communication history...

...and boom! You have an orderly, searchable, network. Now you can clearly see who knows who, and how strong those relationships are.

You share your network with a friend. Now, his network is your network, too. You can make introductions through each other.

So the next time you’re asked for an introduction, don’t waste time with emails. Search Trove, and instantly find the best way forward.

  • See the strongest path between two people.
  • Start a conversation with a few simple taps.
  • Automatically ask your contacts if they’re willing to be introduced.
  • Track all your introduction activity, in one place.
  • Combine your network with people you trust.
  • Don’t spend another minute maintaining your network manually.
headshot of Nolan Orfield, founder and CTO of ShapeLog
Nolan Orfield
Founder / CTO, ShapeLog, Inc.

"Introductions are so important. You think back the history of your company how one person and one introduction can really be a game-changer. We've just started to get a taste of what Trove can unlock for us and it's been powerful. We're really excited for what it's done and I think it's gonna change your entire strategy moving forward."

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