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Your personal
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super powers.

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Trove is the smartest way to manage, use, and grow your personal network. It's the networking app you've always needed and won't be able to live without.

One network to pool them all.

You meet people everywhere: by email, on Twitter, Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn… you get it. You can’t remember every single person you’ve ever talked to — but Trove can. Just download the app and hook up your online accounts. Then, Trove's AI does some magic, and voila — your digital footprint becomes a searchable collection of contacts.

A bigger, better network — instantly.

What’s more powerful than your personal network? Your network + Batman’s network + Wonder Woman’s network, of course. Trove lets you easily combine your contacts with other people — so you, Batman, and Wonder Woman can create a massive super-network with just a few taps!

Stop. Collaborate and listen.

With Trove, it’s easy to collaborate on networking needs. Looking to hire a journalist? Post to your network — bet Superman knows someone. Is one of your contacts asking about Batman? Maybe you can make an introduction. Trove’s intuitive workflows simplify the networking process.

Take your network everywhere.

Life happens. You change jobs, you move, you delete your old Hotmail account… and you lose valuable connections along the way. Trove is changing that. Trove updates your contacts automatically, so it’s easy to take your network from school, to work, and job to job. Because meeting people isn't something you should ever have to start over.

But really, your network could change your life.

And we’re not just saying that.

headshot of Nolan Orfield, founder and CTO of ShapeLog
Nolan Orfield
Founder / CTO, ShapeLog, Inc.

“Introductions are so important. You think back the history of your company how one person and one introduction can really be a game-changer. We've just started to get a taste of what Trove can unlock for us and it's been powerful. We're really excited for what it's done and I think it's gonna change your entire strategy moving forward.”

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