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But, of course, you do care...

…so let’s leave outdated networking tools behind. You’ve earned your professional network. Trove is the app that finally does it justice.

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One network to rule them all.

Your network consists of the people you talk to – and you talk everywhere. Email. LinkedIn. Twitter. Trove finds patterns in these conversations and uses them to create a searchable, relationship-based view of your network. Automatically. In minutes. Mind, blown.

Put your connections in context.

You don’t talk to Doug in IT as often as you talk to your sister, yet your current networking tools treat all your connectons equally. Not helpful. Trove, on the other hand, uses AI to score the relationships in your network. Want to meet Batman? Trove can tell you who to ask.

Grow your network at the speed of light. (Almost.)

Stop adding contacts to your network one by one. Trove lets you combine your entire network with other people, instantly. Connect with Batman, and if he accepts, his network becomes your network, too.

But really, your network could change your life.

And we’re not just saying that.

headshot of Nolan Orfield, founder and CTO of ShapeLog
Nolan Orfield
Founder / CTO, ShapeLog, Inc.

“Introductions are so important. You think back the history of your company how one person and one introduction can really be a game-changer. We've just started to get a taste of what Trove can unlock for us and it's been powerful. We're really excited for what it's done and I think it's gonna change your entire strategy moving forward.”

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Get Trove, and unlock your network’s super powers.

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