Trove for Companies

Remember the phrase "no man is an island?" When it comes to networking, this statement couldn't be more true. Think about the mentor who helped you start your business. The co-worker who helped your company find its biggest customer. We can pretty much guarantee that without networking, your company wouldn't be where it is today.

So... what if we told you you've been missing out on networking opportunities for years? It's true. The last time someone asked you to recommend a good accountant, were you able to compile a list of all the accountants you've ever communicated with, rate how well you know each of them, and pick a few people close to the person who asked for your advice?

But technology can.

Trove is the first app that can automatically organize and track your contacts from across the internet. It's easy — just connect your email and LinkedIn accounts. Trove analyzes your communications from each source, extracts the people you've met, maps out how your contacts know one another, and serves it all up in a searchable, relationship-based network. It's the most powerful network you've ever had — in your pocket.

Now — what if you and your colleagues could combine your networks? You'd be able to see not only your own contacts, but the people you could meet through your Trove connections. Well, it's not a dream — helping you meet the right people is actually what Trove does best. If your connections are as serious about their networks as you are, they have some really valuable relationships. And valuable relationships lead to momentous opportunities. Superstar hires. Powerhouse partnerships. The possibilities are endless.

For your business, those possibilities could be game-changing. Every member of your team brings with them unique perspectives and contacts from past experiences. Trove puts the institutional knowledge of your company's entire network of connections into your pocket. In just a couple minutes, you can securely deploy Trove across your entire company. It's a one-time setup, and once you've completed it, anyone in your organization who signs up for Trove using their work email address will be able to automatically connect with other people on your domain. As more of your team starts to use Trove, your company's reach (and potential!) grows. Finally — a useful way to pool contacts with your coworkers.

And when we say that setting up Trove for your company is easy, we're not kidding. The beauty of Trove is that it allows each user to stay in control of their own contacts. All we have to do is link them all together into a powerful super-network. Search it, post to it, and extend your network as far beyond the company as you see fit.

Sold yet? Here are instructions for authenticating a domain on Trove:

Trove for G SuiteTrove for Office 365

...or reach out to our customer support team by emailing or starting a chat on They'll be happy to help you get set up.