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“Who do we know at...”

Let your team's email history connect you.

How Trove can help.

A stronger way to connect.

  • Explore your entire team's extended network
  • Request introductions through your strongest mutual connections
  • Share insights about contacts with the rest of your team
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A more manageable inbox.

  • Clearly see what deserves your attention
  • Be more responsive to others
  • Keep track of outstanding questions
  • Triage new mail, quickly
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A better way to collaborate.

  • Team chat, associated with specific email messages
  • Never forward emails again
  • Set discussions to self-destruct, as needed
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A stronger way to connect


Discover your team's connections

Search by name, title, company, location, and more. I.e. Find out if you're connected to any architects in Omaha - in seconds.

See how you know anyone

Find contacts who have a relationship with any of your team members. It’s like X-ray vision into how your team is connected to the world.

Make the connection

Ask your teammates for an introduction with one tap.

Artful intelligence.

Trove’s AI activates the context hidden in email history to automatically tag contacts. Looking for connectors? No problem.

Flexible people organization.

Classify the people you know using simple but powerful tags— privately, or shared with your team.

A more-manageable Inbox


Important emails stand out.

Trove learns what types of emails matter most to you and highlights them. See what needs your attention — at a glance.

Intelligent clean-up.

As you scroll through your inbox, Trove groups less-important emails for easy, one-swipe removal.

Stay on target.

Radar shows your unanswered questions. Nothing slips through the cracks.

A better way to discuss email


Discussions in context

Stop forwarding emails for quick answers - discuss the content of any message directly in context.

These messages can self-destruct.

Conversations about an email can be ephemeral, if you want. Set an expiration date on any sidebar, or keep them attached to the relevant message forever. Your call!

Everywhere you do email.

...and some places you haven't yet.


Mobile Apps

Our native iOS and Android apps put the full reach of your team's network at your fingertips.


Desktop Apps

Enjoy all of the functionality of Trove on your laptop or desktop. MacOS, Windows, and a variety of Linux flavors supported.



Comfortable with Gmail or Outlook and not interested in making a change? We can bring the power of Trove directly to you.

Assistant Skills

Talk to your email with voice skills for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. “Alexa - ask Trove what's new.”


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