Our top 5 tips for getting the most out of Trove.

At the core, Trove is really all about empowering you — to own your true network, to make more effective introductions, to harness opportunity. And because Trove puts the power of your network in your hands, your experience is what you make it. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Trove.

1. Expand your network by connecting with others.

We can't emphasize enough how important this is. The more you combine your network with others', the larger your pool of connections becomes. And the larger your pool of connections, the better chance you have of meeting the right person.

Imagine that you have 225 connections. Monica has 526. If the two of you connect your networks, you gain access to all of Monica's contacts — and all the people you can meet through them. Your network just grew exponentially.

When you start out with Trove, you'll be able to see your own connections and any connections that have been shared with you. We recommend exchanging networks with some of your contacts right away — it's an easy way and impactful way to improve your experience.

Teamwork makes the dream work, are we right?

2. Become a trusted connector by making introductions for people.

The more you connect people, the more people you'll attract. If your network is critical to your day-to-day routine, this is a powerful way to establish yourself as a "super connector."

In the "old days," pre-Trove, you would have had to send e-mail after e-mail to broker introductions. Now, Trove is the easiest way to connect people with one another, period.

Doesn't matter if they're Trove users or not — Trove can still complete the introduction. Heck, you don't even have to know the recipient of the request — Trove will look for someone in your network who does.

Say you want to introduce Ross to Rachel. All you have to do is type their names and click Next. If you're the best person to introduce them, Trove will tell you that. But maybe Monica knows Rachel better — Trove can tell you that, too. Use Trove to ask Monica if she'll introduce Ross and Rachel, and boom — your role as introduction broker is complete.

3. Keep an eye out for opportunity by searching your extended network.

As you know, networks are dynamic. They grow and change based on every person's unique experiences. So it makes sense that the perfect opportunity could appear on your radar at any time.

Trove makes it easy to search for those opportunities. When you conduct a search, Trove dives into your entire "extended network" — your direct connections, plus all of Monica's, Ross', and Rachel's, plus all the contacts other people have shared with you.

Need to find a sous chef? Search Trove. We bet Monica will be able to connect you with someone. Looking for a career at a museum? Ross probably knows people. Trove can tell you these things automatically, so you never have to email and ask.

4. Make more quality connections using Trove's simple introduction workflow.

Once you've found someone you want to meet, Trove simplifies the process of asking for an introduction.

Say you want to meet Phoebe, and Trove tells you that your best path is through Monica. Request an introduction directly from Phoebe's profile, and Trove will take you through the process, step by step. You'll be able to ask Monica if she'd be willing to put you in contact with Phoebe, and have her pass along a personal note.

The entire process of completing the introduction also takes place in Trove. Monica can broker the whole thing without ever leaving the app. It's way easier than writing an email or making a phone call — who has time for that?

5. Manage all your introductions from a central location.

Introductions usually involve a long email thread — or worse, threads. It's just plain obnoxious. Never fear — Trove tracks introductions for you! Immediately see which introductions you've made and requested, and check in on the status of each.

That way, when Rachel asks to be introduced to Joey, the request won't get lost in a heap of emails. So basically, Trove makes you look good by expediting the introduction process for all parties involved.