How Connecting Works

Trove is all about making connections. But not the "I invited this person I've never met to associate loosely with me online" kind of connection. Stronger connections. Connections that actually signal success — a new job, a new business opportunity, the right customer... the list goes on.

Right now, you probably rely on a select few people to provide honest advice and networking recommendations. Using Trove, you can combine your network with these difference-makers in a single tap. We call it "connecting," and it's the best way to build a stronger network, fast.

How does connecting work?

When you invite someone to connect, you're really saying something like, "I think highly of you and your network — it could help me in the future. I hope my network can be useful to you, as well. Let's combine them and make a big super-network."

But what does that actually mean? And how does Trove make sharing contacts safe, secure, and private? Let's start with the basics.

Imagine you invite Batman to connect, and he accepts. Now, when you search, you'll see both your own contacts, and Batman's contacts. If you want to meet Catwoman, and you see that Batman knows her directly, you can ask him to make an introduction. Simple enough.

But Batman's busy making career moves of his own. He's invited Superman to try Trove with him, and they've connected their networks. You don't know Superman. You know of him through Batman, but the two of you have never actually spoken.

So does Superman's Trove connection with Batman mean you can suddenly see all of Superman's contacts?

Well... yes and no.

When Superman connects with Batman, he's only sharing his direct contacts — contacts that came from his personal emails, his personal LinkedIn account, etc. Because you're directly connected with Batman, Superman becomes part of your extended Trove network. His contacts will show up in your search results — but you won't know they're his.

Stay with us here, because this is were Trove's technology really shines.

Imagine you want to meet Wonder Woman, so you search for her in Trove. Turns out that none of your contacts know her directly, but she still shows up in your search results. How is that possible? Well, Trove picks up on the fact that you're connected to Batman, who's connected to Superman, who knows Wonder Woman. You'll be able to see that someone in Batman's network knows Wonder Woman — but to protect Superman's privacy, it won't show who.

If you want to meet Wonder Woman, you'll have to ask Batman who can introduce you... and Batman will ask Superman if he's willing to make the introduction. That way, Superman's connection with Wonder Woman isn't public unless he wants it to be. Superman is pretty generous, so he'll probably help you. Batman will put you in touch, and you'll be able to talk it out amongst yourselves. And there you have it — you're one step closer to meeting Wonder Woman.

How do I protect my data?

If it sounds like connecting on Trove requires you to share a lot of personal information, we understand. Truth be told, though... your data is safer with Trove than it is with many other networking tools, and here's why:

  1. Trove only shares your public information - things like your name, your social handles, some of the employment information you've posted on LinkedIn, etc. Regardless of who's connected with who on Trove, your personal profile doesn't change.
  2. You have the option to hide certain contacts from the rest of your network. Simply tweak the privacy controls in your app settings. No one has to know about your connections to that secret spy network...
  3. You don't have to connect with everyone you know — that's the beauty of Trove. Connecting with people you trust and care about will yield your best network, anyway. Plus, you can disconnect from other Trove users at any time, either via your app settings or from an individual's profile. Disconnecting will remove your contacts from the other user's network, and vice versa.
  4. Your data is YOUR data. Bottom line. Unlike many networking apps, we don't sell your data — we have no reason to. We just use cutting-edge technology to interpret it, and hand it back to you in a usable format. That's it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg — there's a lot more super-techy stuff that goes into protecting your data. In fact, there's an entire section of our website dedicated to privacy protection. Take a look if you'd like more information about Trove and your data.

Well. Now that you know how connecting works, get out there and do it! When you see your network growing by thousands of people at a time, you'll thank us. 😁