Powering the resale
ecosystem for brands


Increase in customer lifetime value.


Pre-loved items sold in 2021.


Stores offering in-store trade-in.


Growth in trade-ins year over year


Online inventory sells within one week.


“While we have seen a lot of cross-pollination with existing Arc’teryx customers now shopping on ReGEAR, we’ve also found that adding a used gear option has allowed us to reach a whole new audience.”

- Dominique Showers,
Vice President of Rebird,
Arc’ teryx

Design a profitable and scalable resale


A New Model

With Trove, brands can generate more revenue from pre-loved items, leverage resale to increase traffic, and create instant resale inventory while meeting customer expectations for sustainability.

By incorporating trade-in technology that identifies, routes, and issues credit for any pre-worn item, brands can easily implement a new circular business model.


Operations Support

Trove applies reverse logistics using computer vision, AI, and intelligent pricing to assign your one-of-a-kind merchandise with a single SKU called a Trove ID.

This allows you to efficiently take back a higher percentage of sellable items and be profitable from day one.


Brand Experience

When brands use Trove, recommerce performs just like ecommerce, where every product inspires and engages customers.

Our composable branded storefronts integrate with existing channels and provide true-to-brand photography, item listings, packaging, and trade-in credit along a seamless customer journey.

Trove Resale Store REI CO-OP

Use technology to generate supply

By providing customers with store credit, brands are taking advantage of trade-in technology from Trove as a way to acquire pre-owned items to resell and maintain customer loyalty over time.

Maximize the value of items

Trove technology intelligently routes, identifies, prices, and relists items using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to guarantee they will resell for their maximum value.


Decarbonizing fashion

How do we navigate the journey towards sustainability in fashion? Our study breaks it down. Resale, a circular strategy, can drive substantial reductions in carbon emissions by 2040.

Provide a seamless brand experience

Integrate a composable, branded resale storefront with existing channels and enable true-to-brand listings and packaging along a seamless customer journey.

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