This app can grow your professional network for you.

Question: how many people do you think you know?

We're talking family, friends, co-workers, your old college dorm-mates... etc. Is it even possible to mentally quantify your relationships?

Science says, "no," — or, to translate for the business-minded among us, "you've probably neglected some key relationships because human memory has its limits." You could be 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon away from a term sheet — or a contract, or an employment agreement — but unless you're keeping track of every person you've ever met, you might not know it.

Well, you're in luck, because there actually is a record of everyone you've met (at least on the internet). All your emails, all your messages — every conversation you have online represents a relationship. Currently, you extract and manage those relationships manually, one by one, using traditional social media platforms.

Fact is, networking doesn't work like that in reality. We all rely on our hard-earned relationships to move forward in life — so I'm betting that when you meet someone new in a business context, you're evaluating not only the individual, but also their network. By connecting with that person, you're also indirectly meeting the people they know.

Wouldn't it be mind-blowing if our networking tools could capture that?

Well, you're in luck, because Trove can. Allow me to explain:

This is you:

This is also you, but with your network around you:

This is you, connecting with someone on a traditional social media platform:

And this is you, making a new connection:

This is you making 5 more connections on a traditional social media platform:

Also you, making 5 more connections using Trove:

Woah. That's WAY more powerful. No more connecting with people you don't know. No more asking yourself "Who do I know at Powerful Company Near Me?" By connecting with just a few people on Trove, you build a stronger, and much more relevant network.

Here's how it works. Trove combines your contacts from multiple channels and turns them into a centralized, searchable network — with insights! Trove's AI can identify your strongest relationships, provide context for those relationships, and help you use your newly minted super-network to make new connections. As your Trove network grows, so does your network's potential.

Imagine you're looking for an "in" with a high profile investment company. Search Trove. Chances are, one of your business contacts knows someone. Trove can show you how to get in touch. And because Trove keeps your network updated automatically, you'll always have current contact information.

Or maybe you have an open position at your company and need some recommendations. Just ask your Trove network. Your contacts can provide a list of vetted potential candidates, without sending a bunch of emails.

Bottom line — you're using your network and making new connections all the time, and you need a tool that can keep up. Trove unlocks your network's true potential. Try it out.