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Communication made simple.

Trove’s artificial intelligence cuts through the noise and brings what’s important into focus.

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New super powers,
under your control.

Trove is all about unlocking the value that lives in your email. Be more responsive, build stronger relationships, and go further — effortlessly.

Important emails stand out.

Trove learns what types of emails matter most to you and highlights them. See what needs your attention — at a glance.

Timing on your terms.

Easily snooze messages until you’re ready to take action. They’ll come back to your inbox later.

Intelligent grouping.

As you scroll through your inbox, Trove groups less-important emails for easy, one-swipe clean-up.

Contacts in context.

Keep track of all your relationships without lifting a finger. Trove shows you more about the people you know.

Stay on target.

Radar shows your unanswered questions. Nothing slips through the cracks.

Smart Notifications

Trove's AI learns what's important to you — notifications will be useful again.

Smart Notifications Settings

Talk to your Email

Just ask Trove what's important in your inbox.

How does it work? See it in action:

On any phone,
with any email.

Trove is available for iOS, Android, and Alexa and connects to most standard email providers.

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Desktop Coming Soon

Trove is coming to MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
Sign up for the beta and we’ll email you when the time is right.

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