The Lamar Odom news has only gotten crazier as the weeks have gone on, so it should come as no surprise that overdose rumors have already begun circulating. And for wife Khloe Kardashian, these rumors are terrifying, reportedly causing her to freak out until she heard from Lamar himself that the gossip was false.

According to TMZ, the rumors last week caused Khloe to panic and begin dialing Lamar’s cell over and over again. When it kept going to voicemail, Khloe began calling a bunch of Lamar’s friends trying to find out the truth.

When she finally spoke to Lamar, he cleared up the hearsay. Lamar was at the couple’s downtown loft (since he has been kicked out of the house) and Khloe once again told him that he couldn’t come home until he got help.

We’re proud of Khloe for standing up to Lamar and telling him to get help, but it’s good to know that she clearly still loves the guy and was so worried about him.

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Source: TMZ