When you’re an A-list celebrity like Jennifer Aniston, you get to do things like take First Class flights from LAX to Heathrow. Relaxing, beautiful, rich people things. But you know what messes that up? When the fellow A-lister your A-list ex-husband B-listed you for is on that flight. Because, reportedly, that’s what happened to Jen when Angelina Jolie was supposed to be on the same British Airways flight as her this week.

Lucky for the We Are the Millers actress, being a super celeb does come with a few perks (besides having been married to Brad Pitt) — like the fact that her A-team of assistants fixed everything up so the two wouldn’t have to rub elbows on their way to the lavatory. (As if A-list celebs use the bathroom, pshaw!)

E! reports that on Sunday, August 11, Jennifer and Angelina were both scheduled to hitch a ride to London on the same plane, but someone at Heathrow found out about it and told Jennifer’s people about the potentially awful baggage that would be on the flight. Instead, Jen ended up flying out on Monday, squashing the ex of it all in the process.

Man, if only we had people to tell our ex’s new girlfry to go shop at a different CVS...

Source: E! News