Jake Gyllenhaal has a long list of famous ex-girlfriends — including Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst and Taylor Swift. He's said to currently be dating model Alyssa Miller.

Despite all that, rumors have persisted that he's gay. Some of the talk came out after Brokeback Mountain, when he played a gay cowboy opposite Heath Ledger.

Jake addressed the chatter during his Inside the Actors Studio interview, which will air next Thursday, September 19 on Bravo. Jake, 32, told host James Lipton he took the post-Brokeback rumors as a "huge compliment." Both actors got Oscar nominations for their roles, so he probably figured anyone who thought he was gay was validating his performance.

Jake may expand on the subject in the full interview — kind of like James Franco discussing his sexuality — or he may decide not to go there at all, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's his life, his business.

Speaking of the late great Heath Ledger, though, E! News has a clip from the interview, with Jake talking more about Heath. They actually met when they both auditioned for the 2001 movie Moulin Rouge. Neither one got a part and Jake joked about Heath later cursing director Baz Luhrmann for not casting them. Jake said he remembered thinking "I like this guy. He's just like, super lovable." He was surprised, though, when director Ang Lee wanted the two of them together in Brokeback. Still, he said losing Heath (who died in 2008) was like "losing a family member" and he still misses him "to this day." Same here.

Will you watch Jake's full interview?

Source: E! News