With paparazzi camped outside St. Mary's Hospital, has Kate Middleton left the building? The Duchess of Cambridge, whose baby with Prince William is reportedly due any day, is expected to give birth in the central London hospital. But sources are reporting that Middleton, 31, may have made other plans -- and conveniently forgotten to alert the press.

According to the UK Telegraph, Kate may be having her baby in Reading, far from the media circus. As it happens, Kate has been visiting with her parents in Buckleberry, not far from Reading's Royal Berkshire Hospital, where Kate herself was born. Coincidence?

Well, yeah, it could be. In fact, we wonder if the press is just bored with the lack of baby news, and looking for an ulterior motive in everything the royal couple does. Maybe Kate just wants to hang out with Mom and Dad before she becomes a mom herself!

Or maybe -- just maybe -- the baby isn't due yet. Though Kensington Palace named the date as "mid-July," NBC's royal contributor Camilla Tominey takes Kate's trip as a sign that "she's at least not expecting her baby to come until next week." NBC also reports that Kate's mother is telling friends that her future grandchild is a Leo -- meaning a birthday on or after July 23. Of course, that's total hearsay, and if you've ever watched a courtroom drama, you know how reliable that is.

However, E! News is reporting that the Queen just exited a cricket match early in London. Could this mean that the birth is imminent or perhaps the Queen just got bored with the match?

Regardless of due date, here's what Us Weekly claims to be Kate's official birth plan. According to their insider, Middleton's private secretary is instructed to drive her to the hospital, in a BMW with a "flashing green emergency light," as soon as she feels her first contraction. After the 7-minute ride, the Duchess will be escorted through one of three side entrances into St. Mary's Lindo Wing, where she'll be given a sealed-off, secured, $1500-a-night room.

The palace will announce Kate's arrival in the hospital, and after the birth, will reveal the baby's weight and gender in a "framed notice just within the gates of Buckingham Palace." The name will reportedly be revealed at a later date, though English bookies are already taking bets. (Alexandra for a Girl and George for a boy are the two most popular.)

Basically, until the palace offers some more info, we're all just guessing about everything. So we might as well have fun with it!

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